Fire Breathes Unity

October 2nd, 2018

Hey Y’all,

It's been a crazy few weeks trying to find the time to write all of this and to actually be able to understand what the Lord is teaching me right now.  There is so much that He is beginning to reveal, and I honestly I don't understand much of it yet. But today, let’s look at what is clear and understood.

The Lord has been showing me the significance of two elements found in scripture and how they pertain to us.  Living Water and Fire.

We see these show up several times in scripture, but I don't know that I have ever been taught on the significance of these two things until recently.  I see that there is still so much to be understood.

Before we get into those elements, I have a question for you, “What kind of Christian are you?”

We see it in John 3:16 which is basically our go to verse for most things - it's like answering “Jesus” to a question in church, you pretty much can't go wrong with that answer.  But for so long we have misunderstood this verse. We have so many people that have stopped in their walk with the Lord at this verse! We see this verse and think that this is all there is for this Christian life: Believe in Jesus, Go to Heaven, Done.  But ask yourself are you really satisfied with that? Are you satisfied with that being all there is for us in this life? That we believe in Jesus, try to be good, and go to heaven...let me be blunt. That sounds like crap! How could that be all that Jesus came to do on this earth?  Jesus only came to get me into heaven? No wonder we don't see miracles anymore or believe that God speaks to His children. There are no need for miracles or for His voice to move on our hearts if it’s only about us going to Heaven.

But just for a second, let's look at what Jesus says beyond the truth that He speaks in John 3:16.  We see that Jesus was baptized in water, publicly adopted by His Father, and given the Holy Spirit before beginning His ministry (Matthew 3:13-17).  Miracles began. We see Him say in John 5:19 that, “the Son can do nothing of His own accord but only what He sees the Father doing,” meaning the Holy Spirit allowed all of this to begin when Jesus received Him.  

Jesus says in John 14:12-14 that whoever believes in Jesus will do greater works than Him, but not because we are greater than Jesus!  In John 16:7, Jesus explains that it is necessary for Him to leave this earth so that He can send us the Holy Spirit. In Acts 2:2, we see the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and He appears as tongues of Fire over those who have received Him.  Then after a quick sermon delivered by Peter, boom we have the Church!

The greater things we will do comes from us having one another!  All of us operating with the same Holy Spirit in unity with one another.

I love the song, “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble.” In verse two it says, “Did you feel the darkness tremble, when all the saints joined in one song, and all the streams flow as one river to wash away our brokenness.”  We, The Saints, are meant to flow as one river and wash away the brokenness of the world by the redeeming love of the Holy Spirit that was poured out in Jesus’ sacrifice.

This brings us to the next Christian that we see today.  Looking at John 4:5-14, we read a familiar story in an unfamiliar way, at least it was unfamiliar for me.  There in verse 14, Jesus speaks of drinking of this Living Water that He gives, how we will never thirst again, and how this water will become a spring within us bubbling up to eternal life.  

Follow me for a second; if you are thirsty and want a drink but the cup you have is dirty, what is the first thing that you will do?  Yea no duh, you will clean the cup and then put it under the faucet, turn it on, and fill up the cup. But what happens if you just leave the cup under the faucet?  Yea another no duh moment, the cup will begin to overflow with water.

Look at yourself as the cup, cleaned by the blood of Jesus, placed under the faucet and this water being the Holy Spirit.  This bubbling or welling up that Jesus is talking about it what we see in the filling of this cup. As the Holy Spirit comes and fills you up, He is welling up inside of you, but notice that this water does not overflow.  Why doesn't the cup overflow? I don't know why Jesus stopped right there, but I do know that the only limit to the amount of the Holy Spirit that can be poured into us, is us! We put a cap on what the Holy Spirit can do in and through us.  

So are you someone who has received the Holy Spirit, but only received Him in part? There is no end to the Holy Spirit meaning we are not meant to live in the amount that simply fills the cup, but that we have been called to live in the overflow of the cup!

Or, do you live in the overflow?

In John 7:38, Jesus says, “Whoever believes in me as the Scriptures have said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

Do we even know what this would actually look like?  What does it look like for someone to have a river of living water supplied by Heaven, flowing out of them and into the world around them?

I want to be that.  I want to be someone that at the end of my days, it is said, “He had a river of living water flowing out of him.”  But that's just it. We are all called to have living water flowing out of us. So what would happen if we actually all lived in that way?

I challenge you to begin and ask God what would it look like for there to be a river of living water flowing out of you?  The world needs it.

Also, look at the design for which we received the Holy Spirit.  We see in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit first comes to those who believe in Jesus, He comes as a tongue of Fire.  Why Fire? Why did Jesus get a dove and we get fire?

Jesus was perfect, we are not and fire burns away all impurities.  So we get fire. Which is actually awesome.

Look in Acts 5 when Peter is walking to the temple to worship and people are being healed, delivered, and set free just by Peter's shadow touching them!  That's what fire does! Burns away and restores to the original creation that God created in his heart. Restoring us to the image of the Father. To sons and daughters.  Then, with this river of living water flowing out of us, once they too have been purified by this presence of the Spirit that dwells in us, then they are also filled with life and life abundantly.

Man that is so beautiful.

But is that what we look like?  Is there fire in you? Is it purifying everything around you?  Is there living water bringing life to all around you?

I'm asking myself these questions as well.  I pray that it would be true for all of us. I believe that this is a generation set apart for mighty works of God!  To establish the Kingdom of God here in Sundown and in all the earth!