Ignoring Truth

October 24th, 2018

Hey there,

Lets just jump right into this…

I have a question for you. Are you ignoring truth?

Let me explain as you ponder that question.  As I have come to know this generation I pastor and teach, I obviously have grown to love this generation.  I already did, but there is a deep connection for me to this generation because of the relationships I have with those that are a part of it.  I see so much greatness in this generation. I see so many who are desiring to be who they are meant to be and not what anyone says they should be.  But unfortunately, I also see a desire to ignore truth - ignore truth and believe that there will be no consequences for it.

Growing up, I remember very specifically one time my mom had just pulled out a cooking tray from the oven full of hot cookies.  Oh man was I pumped. I remember my mom telling me not to touch the pan because it’s hot and will burn me...and guess what my dumb butt did?  Oh yea, I touched the pan and immediately regretted so many things! But mainly I regretted not listening to momma because she knew best! Amen!  Now this is an experience that I think is a staple for growing up, a universal experience that we all can relate to which is hilarious. We all still reached out to touch the hot pan and boom, got burned.  But that’s not a bad thing because in this we learned of truth and consequences for ignoring that truth. So why now are we living now, ignoring truth as if there are no consequences?

There are always consequences when we ignore truth. Even if those consequences don't necessarily affect us one thing is for certain, there are consequences!  But God, being rich and mercy and love for us wants to warn us in times where we are ignoring truth. He wants us to learn the lesson the easy way even though the hard way is sometimes necessary for my stubborn self!

One of the ways that God desires for us to see truth that we could walk in it, is through scripture.  That book from cover to cover is truth! Ephesians 4:25-5:21 beautifully paints what our lives are to look like as we walk and abide in truth.  And remember as John 16:13 tells us, the Holy Spirit is truth. Truth is a person that we get to have a relationship with. Truth comes and fills us fully.  John 15 talks about remaining in that truth! We are to live this life in fellowship with truth! So when we are created for a relationship with truth and then we go and ignore truth, the consequences really can't fully be comprehended!

Another way that we can see truth and then walk in it, is through the teaching from our pastors and teachers!

We should be able to see truth in those responsible for imparting truth to us.  I can’t speak for other pastors and teachers but I can speak for myself! I know that whenever I teach or speak to anyone I am always listening for truth that the Lord would bring in the moment to release in that place.  None of my sermons come from Parker, none of them come from Google, or some ministry curriculum. They come by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. I want to hear what the Lord has for whatever group I will be teaching. What word He has for them in that moment becomes my job to hear and speak that they may hear the truth for themselves in that moment and be transformed by it.  

In John 5:19-20 Jesus says, “...I do nothing of my own accord but only what I see the Father doing…”  Jesus himself says here and in several other places that He speaks and ministers as the Father leads him.  Therefore all we see Jesus do, we know to be truth because He is walking in obedience to the Father. We also see in John 16:13 Jesus say, “The Holy Spirit is truth and will lead you into all truth…”  So we know that our teachers and pastors, if walking with the Holy Spirit, are speaking truth.

We understand that truth can be found in consequences, but before we get to the moment of consequences we can find truth through the Holy Spirit like we just read above.  John 16:13 clearly says that the Holy Spirit is truth and will lead you into all truth! But what that implies is that we have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. We must know Him so that we know His voice and can follow as He is leading us into truth.  But if we don’t know the Holy Spirit, He won’t be able to lead us into truth because we ourselves won’t know truth! Here is a thought: if the Holy Spirit is truth but you don’t know the Holy Spirit, do you know truth? Find the answer to that quickly friends.

So I’ll ask you again…

Are you ignoring Truth?