The Beginning

Hey guys,

I am excited to introduce to you the Next Generation Sundown blog and youth page.  Really cool, but also maybe TMI that the Lord told me this very morning as I was showering that I was to start a page containing encouraging videos, words from the Lord, and a blog based on our weekly Wednesday night lessons.

What the Lord has made clear to me as a youth pastor for almost four years is that what He is doing in this city is significant.  He is moving out from our church and we are seeing His revelation reach the many areas of Sundown, Levelland, and Lubbock.

I’m a big believer that ministry is meant to not only exist within the walls of a church building but that its main place of impact should be where we find ourselves regularly… that is not in a church, even for me!  But my lessons take place in a church setting, I don’t get to stop kids in the middle of a workout and teach them a lesson on the word the Lord has given me for that week. My opportunity to teach is on Wednesdays at church (for junior high) and my house (for high school).

The Lord has shown me that what He is teaching me and allowing me to teach my students needs to be accessible to many more of you.  Not because I am anything special, but because He graciously made me a messenger and allows me to hear His word and tell the youth about His heart towards them!

So I am so excited for the opportunity to cast a wide net and make available the words the Lord releases for the Next Generation of Sundown.

And let me tell you, you are a generation of GIANTS! You are a generation of WORLD CHANGERS!  You will establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth! I am truly blessed to be given the chance to pastor you.

Recaps are coming soon.

Parker Lattimer